How To Inflate Helium Gas Correctly

Many clients want to inflate helium gas by themself, but they do not know how to inflate correctly.

Prepare: very important

  • Familiar Helium Balloon
  • Familiar Helium Gas know difference of 99.9%, 99.99% lift weight.
  • Familiar Air Pressure – cylinder at high pressure and balloon at low pressure
  • Buy A clean Cushion
  • Buy Tethered Rope
  • Buy connection of balloon with helium cylinder at low pressure

Step 1 Place Clean Cushion on Ground  to protect Balloon when inflate it

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Step 2 – Place Balloon on cushion and find out hose or air vavle postion

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Step 3 – Buy 40 liter helium cylinder: You can buy these or rent them from local helium gas stores.Note price different as purity 99.9% is ok and 99.99% is better

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Step 4 – Connect the pipe with Helium Cylinder nozzle and Balloon’s hose or valve. The photo is high air pressure. When you use high air pressure take note to release helium gas at slow speed.

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Step 5 – Tethered nylon rope to Balloon- choose rope(5mm,6mm,8mm) as ballloon’s volume, If big use electric winch instant of labors.

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Step 6 – Release the helium to inflate  balloon and shape the balloon, use ropes to tether balloon, one is main another is for safe

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Video to show full steps

Video – inflate Balloon

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Video – inflate blimp with air

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